What I wore to the Opera

After last night’s Spider-fest, I thought it was time for some culture – I haven’t been anywhere near the opera in me puff, but thanks to a project I’ve been working on with The Guardian, I was lucky enough to attend the preview of Opera di Peroni in Central London this evening…

I’m covering the event for the paper, so until the review piece comes out (on July 28th) I can’t spill the beans. Instead, have a read of my published preview  to see if you’re tempted.

I will say that if you’re in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool or Glasgow on any of the dates Opera di Peroni is “popping up”, you should go. It really is an immersive and surprising experience – and I promise that you don’t need to know owt about opera to enjoy it.

As for my outfit, what else would one wear to the opera but vintage top, green pleated midi skirt by LOVE Label and green brogues? It’s what Puccini would have wanted, innit.

Phantom of the opera?

Written by Johanna Payton