A 60s make-up tutorial from Glyndebourne

Remember I mentioned a very special trip to Glyndebourne? Well, preparations are underway. I’m excitedly talking to my fashionista friends about cadging a glamorous dress for the night (Matt may iron his trousers) and on Wednesday, we’ll be praying for sun and rolling up to see this summer’s final performance of Le nozze di Figaro

Figaro was the first opera ever performed at Glyndebourne, and the version we’re seeing is set in the 60s. As well as checking out the style on show from audience members, I’m also giddy about the costumes and make-up in the production itself.

And to get in the mood, check out this brilliant 60s make-up tutorial by Glyndebourne make-up artist Sarah Sanderson.

How to create a 60s Make-up look from Glyndebourne on Vimeo

Written by Johanna Payton