A Peekaboo dress – and a Samsung experiment

So this post is a little experimental (not just mental, for once). I wanted to bedazzle you with my latest vintage purchase for starts – a corking 1970s maxi that I absolutely adore, once again thanks to Peekaboo Vintage.

But rather than use one of my “big” cameras to capture the pink and purple madness (this is not a dress for the fainthearted, I know), I’m trying out the new Samsung Galaxy S III at the mo and this pic was taken with that. I also downloaded a picture editor app and splashed out on some high contrast action and “auto airbrushing”. I’m well impressed with the results to be honest.

In addition to the photo jiggery pokery, I also watched Shame on the Samsung during my commute today. Hardly light entertainment for the occasional traveller, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

Written by Johanna Payton