Bath, balls and weird water

While the rest of the nation was celebrating unprecedented sporting success, we were stuck in Cardiff with 70,000 other footie fans, watching Team GB get booted out of the Olympics on penalties. What a sorry story. And hardly a new one.

I could bang on about the exclusion of David Beckham (such a bad decision for so many reasons – not least my insatiable appetite for his tattoos and facial hair), or the dubious facilities/organisation at the Millennium Stadium (steak pie anyone?), but instead I’ll show you the highlights of the night and – more importantly – what we got up to in beautiful Bath on the way home…

A full house at the Millennium Station – it’s not as impressive as Wembley, sadly, but I’m told it rocks when the rugby is on
Alan Hansen has called the British men’s performance in Olympic football “as turgid as you can ever wish to see” – in spite of a fantastic atmopshere when we arrived, I would have to agree
Penalties? In a quarter final? Could we win, just for once? Of course we couldn’t!
The day after the night before: We’d spent the night in Bristol and decided to drop into the beautiful town of Bath on the way back to London
We popped into the Roman Baths Museum
I first went to this stunning museum when I was Eliott’s age – it’s changed since then and is now packed with Roman artefacts
The discovery of a temple here, alongside the Roman spa, gives the site even more significance – the Gorgon’s head is a subject of hot debate
And the gold head of Minnerva is a rare find indeed
The temple courtyard – spooky
A Roman drain!
El enjoyed the kids audio tour
Lazing by the (rather ancient) pool
This is Britain’s only hot spring – it has seen plenty of rain over the years, and lots of it fell during our visit
The “Roman” actors around the pool add plenty of atmosphere
We were all *slightly* wary of this dude (I think he may have been there for two thousand years to be honest)
No visit to the spa is complete without trying the merchandise
I wouldn’t normally drink Bath water, but on this occasion…
Post-museum, we ran to the pub to see Andy Murray go for gold – what better way to celebrate his win than with a pint of gorgeous Somerset cider?
Written by Johanna Payton