Girl Power: Team GB beat Brazil at Wembley

Apologies for the tardiness of this post my friends, but I had important London 2012 Olympic business to attend to: I’ve just got home from watching the women’s Team GB football team beating Brazil at Wembley Stadium. Amazebags indeed.

It’s hard to put the experience into words, and the hour is late/early, so let me just show you the pictures instead…

First things first – what does one wear to a ladies Olympic footie match at Wem-ber-ley? Well, I plumped for my Corgi-in-a-crown jumper with the Ebby skirt by Vero Moda (only £9.99 at M and M Direct)
El simply wears a flag (and all power to him)
We were thrilled with our seats
The girls come out to play
Seconds after this corner kick (and just two minutes into the match) we were on our feet going crazy and waving our Union Jack as Steph Houghton scored the only goal of the match
The big screen confirms the scoreline (and the Brazilian goalie didn’t look too happy about it)
Approaching half time and the skies cleared, the temperature rising on and off the pitch
Tense moments before the whistle blew
Half time hot dog (at £5.70 a pop it wants to be mahoosive)
Ready for more: Coach Hope Powell says that the 70,584-strong crowd inspired her girls – the record-breaking audience was the biggest ever for a British women’s match
Brazil kept coming but the brave, brilliant Team GB players fought them off
A few naughty tackles and tactics from the Brazilians got the GB crowds booing
Group hug: Time to celebrate as Team GB seal the deal against the mighty Brazil on home turf
A huge victory, well deserved
After weeping over those gorgeous male gymnasts yesterday, Olympics Day 4 was another cracker for me – tomorrow, beach volleyball (and I have just the dress)
Written by Johanna Payton