The London Film Museum – film, fun and fashion

As the summer school holidays draw to a close (sob), and the weather takes yet another turn for the worse, we found ourselves looking for something indoors – and suitably fashionable (natch) – to do yesterday.

The South Bank branch of the London Film Museum seemed an obvious choice as it’s easy to get to (minutes from Waterloo) and it has something for both of us; Batman, Superman and Harry Potter (him), costumes and horror movie paraphernalia (me).

Small and quirky, it’s almost worth going for a peep just to explore the inner beauty of London’s County Hall. El and his friend (both 8) loved exploring each room and although you only need an hour or two to see everything, the reasonable entrance fee makes it worth a visit for families and film buffs.

Fancy some more pics, then? Ok, action!

The museum kicks off with a brief look at the history of film-making
And then you’re straight into the action: The Harry Potter room went down a storm (although it has reignited El’s nagging about a Harry Potter wand)
Perhaps I’ll use this to make him forget about it?
It’s only the Tri-Wizard cup! (Of course if you’re a mad Harry Potter fan you should check out our review of the Warner Bros Studio Tour)
Brandon Routh looked very sweet in this suit – but I bet Henry Cavill kicks his ass as the new Superman
Being a journalist (and a geek) I got extra kicks from seeing copies of the Daily Planet (seminal issues, man)
And talking of geeks, gold stars to anyone who can tell me what this is…?
And who would solve crime in a study like this?
I snuck into the horror room on my own: I *love* Hellraiser
No way I’d get El into this part of the exhibition (it is optional, with a warning on the door!)
Hanging out with The Simpsons was much more his scene
Spot the popular cartoon characters
On to the fashion, and get a load of this beautiful sequin dress, worn by Nicoletta Braschi in the Italian classic, “Life is Beautiful”
I want it
This one’s from Gangs of New York (bet Cameron Diaz made it sexy!)
And here’s a top worn by Catherine Zeta-Jones in The Mask of Zorro
Aah. A dress worn by the uber-glam Ava Gardner
The costumes are impressively displayed in this grand and tranquil circular hall – the centrepiece of the museum
A taste of America to finish the trip
The boys agreed that the London Film Museum is definitely worth a visit
Written by Johanna Payton