Dish of the day: Southern fried chicken burger @ Armadillo

Southern fried chicken. Have you noticed that it’s the most fashionable food out there right now? Along with anything Southern-State-related.

Personally, I’m in heaven – although being on a MUFA diet, I didn’t consume the Southern fried chicken burger above (at the Santa-Fe inspired Armadillo restaurant in the O2 – great food and a good kids menu too). Instead I plumped for the Santa Fe spiced chicken wrap, aka rolled flour tortilla, grilled spiced chicken, spiced rice, Monterey Jack cheese, green chilli mayo and lettuce. So healthy….erm, maybe.

The Santa Fe chicken wrap: This MUFA diet I’m on means eating calorie-controlled meals that all have a food high in monounsaturated fatty-acids involved (think olives, pesto, nuts, avocado, hummous, olive oil…etc) I’ve done two weeks and shifted half a stone and haven’t been that hungry. Geddin
I pinched the avocado from atop the avocado and sweetcorn fritter stack (with sweetcorn and spring onion pancakes, guacamole, smoky tomato salsa, coriander and avocado)
Written by Johanna Payton