Halloween is a’ comin’ – Littlewoods style

Cast your mind back 12 months (or just click here) and you might recall how seriously I take Halloween. In short: very. It might actually be one of the reasons I had a child (if only I was joking). There’s nothing like a rug-rat to justify dressing up like a vamp queen every year and taking the whole spooky fest far too seriously…

Each year, we add to our Halloween booty, which already consists of creepy costumes, pumpkin table decorations, tea light holders shaped like witches and Frankenstein sweet tins for the mythical trick or treaters (mythical because they never seem to knock on our door). This year, the haul will be out again for a mega-party – and I intend to add a whole new batch of Halloween paraphernalia to it.

Enter Littlewoods, who kindly invited me to a Halloween-themed press event today to showcase its (fabulous) collection of fancy dress for kids (beware the clown – it s**ts me right up) and affordable party treats. I must have me the Freddy Kruger hanging party decoration *screeeeeam*

As the event went on until 5pm, I saw an opportunity to entertain El after school and, sure enough, he managed to put away a fair few mini Halloween cupcakes, quaff a fresh apple juice, try on a horror mask and stuff his face with sweets, all within a 30 minute visit. This kid knows how to work a press day better than I do!

How cool is that ghoul? I swear to God though, if they’d moved, I would have soiled myself: Nothing is creepier than a kids’ Halloween suit

The witch garb is slightly less horrifying and a li’l biddy stylish

Hmmmm, wonder if the mini vampire wench suit would fit me…

Oh dear. It’s a zombie

The eyes on this ‘ere Evil Eye Skull mask light up – ZOINKS, Scoob!

More creepy critters

As well as the costumes, there are plenty of Halloween games and gifts to be had…

…and tons of table decorations too

Ooh I want my party table to look like this – love the stickers on the glasses the best; very cute

I dare you to tell me this doesn’t look cool: Prices for the “Fangtastic & Breathless Banquet” collection start at just £1.50 and the range includes everything from petrifying paper plates to spooky chandeliers

El makes himself at home – head of the Halloween table

“Look mum – it’s a jelly Harry Potter broomstick”

Ok, I admit; I couldn’t resist them either

Down the hatch: El does his first Halloween cupcake of 2012 (I suspect many more will end up in that gob before the spookiness is done with)

With thanks to Littlewoods

Written by Johanna Payton