JDRF charity walk – post no3

We done it! Well, it’s not really about us – we were fuelled by Sambuca and the prospect of six miles wasn’t too daunting. But for the kiddles (two of them are only five) it was a real achievement – and if that touches you in emotional places, why not pledge a couple of squids at the Just Giving Page for our walkie?

We’re now stuck into some serious eating (and drinking, natch) at the Pepper Saint Ontiod – this is how we got here…

Relaxing on the new lawn at The Narrow
Come on guys – still three miles to go!
Those sambucas put smiles on faces
Matt opts for the classic seaside look
Son trumps dad
We’re nearly finished – yay!
The gang take time out for a Canary Wharf “classic” pose
And talking of classics, gedda loada this view from the riverside garden at The Gun in Docklands, our penultimate stop
The blue haired lovelies take a load off
Maybe I need a Fashion Detective version of this cap?
The customised tee up close and personal: Without the JDRF addition, you can grab one from H! Henry Holland (at Debenhams) for £14
Written by Johanna Payton