Blue suede boots: a snip at Clarks

I’m obsessed with blue suede shoes. Obsessed. I have three pairs already and – behold – have found my fourth….

They’re from Clarks. I first got excited about their AW12/13 offerings at a press day back in April, and have been plotting to invest ever since. Then I spied these blue beauties in the British brand’s new Style Guide, a showcase of the current collection featuring a range of “hip urbanistas and aspirational real Londoners” wearing their Clarks’ in variously cool ways.

So now I’m totally sold on these teal Lulworth Beach boots – and I love the way that lassie above is wearing them with black tights and a pleated skirt. Makes ’em pop right out. Yum. They’re perfect school run wear – and great for vintage outfits too.

And, best of all, they’re in the mid-season sale – after a 33% discount they’re only £39.99. I’ve just safely ordered mine, so you can all go fill your – AHEM – boots (as long as we promise not to wear them on the same day at the same time to the same event, yeah?)

Cannot wait to slip my tootsies into these blue babies: Lulworth Beach smart boots @ Clarks, £59.99 (mid-season sale price, £39.99)

Images from Clarks Style Guide

Written by Johanna Payton