Dallas fashion: Jordana Brewster goes cowgirl

Since my preview post on Dallas, I’ve been avidly watching it; and I’m blatantly addicted, just like I was back in the day. The theme tune alone is enough to make my spine tingle. The storylines are just as baffling and brilliant as they always were. Bobby and JR rock and I cannot be the only woman to have a wee crush on Josh Henderson aka John Ross (he should sooooo play Christian Grey – can we start an ePetition?)

The styling on the show is subtle; gone are the shoulder pads and designer placements of the 80s. The clothes are far more realistic – indigo jeans, soft jersey tops, draped dresses and lovely cowboy boots.

Most of the time I’m too engrossed in the drama to even take in the fashion, but I particularly loved the look Jordana Brewster busted in episode 5.

A fantastic outfit to seduce a hottie in

It’s just so simple – and so Texan; a checked shirt with suede elbow patches, deep blue jeans and tan, low-heeled cowboy boots. Love it.

Up for the look? Sorted:

Ikat check shirt with elbow patches, New Look (£19.99)

Ultra skinny indigo jeans, Warehouse (£42)

Tan suede cowboy boots, Faith @ Debenhams (£90)

Product images as credited. Screen grabs from Demand 5.

Written by Johanna Payton