Fashion Detective HQ up for sale

It’s really happening. Our flat went on the market yesterday and my dream of the walk-in closet remains intact after our offer was accepted on a house around the corner…

Now I face the pain of prospective buyers rooting through my knicker drawer and have had to hide my extensive shoe collection in bin bags in the attic.

My bedroom (note the only thing left in it is a pair of Manolos in the bedside cabinet – they are way too good for the loft)

Still, it’ll all be worth it if things progress and we end up with our garden, dressing room and obligatory house cat (believe me, that will be one fashionable pussy). And if you’d like to live in the house where Fashion Detective was conceived, nurtured and forced out into the world after months of hard labour, now’s your chance.

Believe it or not, I do sometimes cook in this kitchen (and it’s not always nuggets)

Written by Johanna Payton