Jade Ellis: Is she The X Factor’s style queen?

In between Dallas and Made in Chelsea, I have been watching The X Factor, on and off. It still doesn’t excite me, fashion-wise; not like it did in the heyday of Grace “I’m so difficult I will never give you an interview” Woodward and those classic maxi dress battles between Chezza and Dannii, but I am trying to give it a shot this series.

So who stands out? Tulisa? Sorry, but I cannot stick that girl and refuse to acknowledge her clothes. And lovely as Nicole is, her style is a bit too club-tastic for me.

But there is one style queen emerging on the show…

Jade Ellis isn’t just a brilliant singer, she also wears everything well. She has that very special skill (and I reckon you’re either born with it or not) of being able to go effortlessly from street, to elegant, to clubby, to vintage and back again, without the changes jarring at all.

She has already worn some wicked styles on the show and at the Skyfall premiere this week she looked so beautiful she absolutely outshone her fellow X chicks (Lucy – those trousers? No.) 

Do you agree that she’s the only style icon on the show? Here’s a bit of evidence to back meself up:

In week 1, I loved the contrast between her racy dress (her stylist says it’s Forever Unique, although I can’t find it on the site) and the red leopard print boots (stylist claims they are from Office, but Moda in Pelle say she is wearing the brand’s Kizzie boots – who knows!?)

Any woman who can look elegant with an undercut is going to get full fashion marks from me. In week 2, she smashed it in a Pia Michi Grecian-style gown worn with gorgeous soft suede platforms from missguided.co.uk that had been customized with diamantes

I just LOVED the pink, vintage jumpsuit from Rellik London Jade wore so well on Saturday night. I desperately want one. It’s nowhere near as glam, but this pink lady from Peekaboo (via ASOS Marketplace) is a very cute substitue indeed (for now)

Screen grabs from ITV Player

Written by Johanna Payton