Jamie Laing gets sweet – but not on Binky

Only a couple of hours to go until episode two of Made in Chelsea (which I’m going to bloody miss due to doing the radio this eve), so I thought I’d treat you to some pics of lovely little Jamie Laing…

Remember when Jamie was all new and shiny and teeny and not much of a threat to the likes of Hugo and Spencer? Now he is undoubtedly the bestest boy boi in the show. I’m not even sure I can bear to watch episode two as I’ve been dying for him and Binky to get it on and judging by the trails he’s going to get his heart (and ego) stamped all over again. Bad Binks.

Take that gum out Little Boi

Instead of dwelling on the dude’s on-screen love life, lets take a moment to look at Jamie doing what he does best; being cute and dealing in sweets. These pics were taken in Cardiff where Jamie and his Candy Kittens have launched a collaboration with British sweet brand Kingdom Of Sweets. His bank manager may have scoffed at his Candy Empire brainchild, but Jamie’s latest venture, an exclusive range in this huge, sweets-only shop, is another step towards Confection Domination (that sounds rude).

Now all he needs is the purrfect Candy Kitten to settle down with… My guess is, it ain’t going to be Binky. But as Mr. Laing is on the look out for new Candy Kittens, maybe another variety of “sweet treat” is on the horizon?

He’s like a modern day Willy Wonka

Photos courtesy of CAN Associates

Written by Johanna Payton