Phantasee cosmetic lenses for Halloween

Another day, another terrifying close up. And no, you haven’t been drinking – or, maybe you have, but that’s not the reason my eyeballs are looking funky…

The peeps at sent me a pair of party-perfect “Phantasee” cosmetic lenses, just in time for Halloween.

I must be honest and say that I’d asked for the Dracula option (natch), which would have finished off my vamp costume perfectly on Wednesday; the Grim Reaper style that actually turned up is very cool but they are (scarily!) not that different to my real eyes. I tried to scare Eliott when he was having a bath by leaping in with the lenses in full effect, but it took him ages to notice anything different (he just thought I was being my usual weird and wacky self and carried on washing his hair).

Can you tell the difference? I think the flocked skull top is more alarming than my peepers

Having said that, they were fun and easy to try – I’ve never worn a contact lens in my life and have always quite fancied trying coloured ones (violet appeals to me). Now I’ve got the things in and out of my eye sockets successfully, I might just try them again.


With thanks to Vision Direct

Written by Johanna Payton