Special birthdays and superstar ladies

I have to tell you about last night: it was, my friends, a classic. I’ve known my friend Jane for 16 years – we worked together at my first job and within a week of Jane starting, and taking the desk next to mine, we were separated for talking/gossiping/giggling. That almost tells you all you need to know…

We’ve been great mates ever since. We’ve had many-a wild night out (the time we pretended to be lesbians to get into a gay club was a particular highlight, as was the night we accosted Strictly’s James Jordan), we met our now-husbands at exactly the same time and Jane was my maid of dishonour when I got married (we stayed out clubbing until 4am on the wedding eve: I had to get up to have my hair and make-up done at 6am – ooops).

Yesterday, Jane celebrated a milestone birthday and I dashed into London straight after watching Grease on stage in Wimbledon to help her mark the occasion: cue dimple pint glasses of cosmopolitan, tequila shots, a tactical vomit (mine), a broken toilet, one street fight (not mine) and drinking cocktails in the Hippodrome (now a Vegas style casino don’tcha know) until the early hours.

I have been unbearably ill all day as a result of the alcohol-fuelled mania, but it was well worth it to help a very dear friend celebrate her special day. (I do need to stop wearing Converse on nights out – I’m slightly more reserved in my booze consumption when I know I have to balance on heels.)

And why the photo of the necklace? Well, given that Jane is an absolute superstar, I decided to give her one of Oliver Bonas’ silver star necklaces as her birthday gift – and boy, she wore it well.

Happy birthday babe!

Ah, don’t we look demure? You’d never guess we nearly always raise absolute hell when we get together

Product image from Oliver Bonas

Written by Johanna Payton