Warehouse Christmas 2012 party dresses

Well, that was a week I won’t forget in a hurry. There were highs and there were lows; I started a new term teaching fashion journalism to a fab group of undergraduates, boohoo made me swoon with affordable fash-wahn and Chateaubriand, I saw a dear, old friend after a 10 year hiatus and we found the house that we want to be our home; sadly, on the flip side, our family was rocked by a scandal so salacious it would have made Jimmy Savile blush (Dallas has got nowt on us)…

So less of the banter this rainy Friday evening; Warehouse is keeping it minimal, monochrome and simple for the oncoming party season, and with all the complications going on in my life, I definitely approve.

Perfect pleated midi dress – I have this on my wish list

Sooooo chic: Deco blouse and peplum trousers

Brilliant brocade

The biker jacket toughens-up a swing dress


Images from Warehouse

Written by Johanna Payton