Fashion Detective channels the 60s

I’ve harped on so much about my 60s-themed wedding anniversary celebrations that I wanted to share my outfit with you – in spite of a fantastic hangover…

Thanks to my find at House of Vintage off Brick Lane, I think this may be the bestest dress I’ve ever worn; it’s right up there anyway. I love the bow, the lace panels, the gold glitter and the sheer sixties glamour of it. When I tried it on, Marcia at House of Vintage said she thought it was the “ultimate hostess dress” and I think she might just be right.

The night was wonderful and everyone looked amazing done up in chic 60s fashion – kids included. We also got some amazing presents – I so should have said there was no need to bring gifts, but it didn’t even cross my mind that there would be treats until they started rolling in. And with three very special “experience” food and travel gifts to look forward to, I’ll need more special outfits to match.

And the joy of this week’s celebrations has certainly changed my attitude towards my milestone birthday in 2014; if it’s as much fun as this all was, bring the blighter on!

I went for a fullon 60s look with a bit of a beehive – that bow simply demanded it

I ended up wearing ochre tights from Topshop (they looked more authentic than the metallic ones from New Look), genuine vintage shoes from ebay and a pearl hairband – and get a load of those false eyelashes (still can’t believe I managed to get them on)
Written by Johanna Payton