It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas

Face it: now the bonfires are extinguished, there’s no getting away from Christmas. It’s upon us.

This year, I’m actually dropping out – we fly off to the sunshine just before the big day. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be totally trimming up the house anyway; my not-so-little-anymore boy would never forgive me if we didn’t add at least some Christmas style to the crib.

I may not bother with a tree this year but, much in the same way as I love Halloween bling, I’ll certainly be decking the halls with some chunky and funky Christmas decor.

I’ve got a stack of stuff in the loft, but I add to my Christmas decoration empire every year. I’ve already found a few pretty and traditional bits and bobs at Tesco – dead affordable and just the thing if you want to take your room decoration for Christmas seriously….

Tesco berry tree, £4.48

Tesco ornamental Christmas tree, £3.97

Tesco Ho Ho Ho Christmas decoration, £2.96

Compiled in association with Tesco

Written by Johanna Payton