Love, marriage, Latino flavours, plush hotels and a vintage dress

Celebrating 10 whole years of wedded bliss is not something to be taken lightly. A nice candlelit dinner may be romantic to some, but wouldn’t you rather stick on a psychedelic 60s dress, stay in a ridiculously opulent suite at the Four Seasons, attend the opening of a swanky Latino cantina in Shoreditch (Barrio East, an absolute must-visit for hipsters) – OD-ing on jam jar cocktails in the process – and then hang-out with all the wannabes at The May Fair Bar?

Well, that’s what we did. And here’s the evidence…

There was a very special message, from a very special family member, waiting for us in our (gulp) suite

Those choccy-dipped strawberries are a helluva way to line your stomach pre-cocktails

The dazzling dress, my anniversary present, is from Hunky Dory on Brick Lane – genuine vintage from the 1960s

The mister pours the bubbles: fancy having to put up with marriage to me for a decade

Tempting as it was to stay in the suite and watch Dallas, we were dying to check out the brand new Latino destination in Shoreditch, Barrio East

The jam jar cocktails were certainly flowing

You can enjoy tasty Latino cuisine (and a cocktail or two) in the caravan

Entertainment Barrio style

I hope it wasn’t his wedding anniversary

I highly recommend the chili cocktail

And a huge, fluffy prawn to go with

Matt demonstrates just how mahoosive those prawns were

More cocktails were consumed at the May Fair Bar: last time I was there I was touched on the shoulder by Chris Eubank. I hear that last night he was out on the town with Mr Gangnam himself; now if we’d bumped into those two in the May Fair, our anniversary date might have been usurped by the randomness of it

And just enough time for a nightcap back at our digs: a lychee and rose petal cocktail in the Four Seasons Amaranto bar

Here’s to the next 10!

Written by Johanna Payton