Made in Chelsea S4E5 fashion round-up

Sorry, my dears, for the delay in doing this; been summink of a busy week (as usual), catching up with normal life after the extravagances of last weekend.

But I promised the Made in Chelsea fans among you a fashion round-up from episode 5, you know, the one where Jamie turns out to be an even naughtier little boi than we thought (anyone else dying to know the dirt on the “fight” he referred to when he met Spencer sporting a scabby nose??), Spencer hits the sauce, Andy oversteps the mark (yawn) and almost gets a Spencer Matthews knuckle sandwich (he was “THIS” close) and Ollie was outed as a fish-botherer.

I’ve already covered Louise’s funky fur coats, so *drum roll* here’s the best of the rest…

How much are we betting that this scene was created for “our entertainment” – well, I was certainly entertained when Francis Boule clocked Louise and Andy in the bookshop (what a small city London must be). Louise went for a short tartan skirt on this “not-a-date” date – I quite like this vintage skater version by Urban Outfitters Renewal

So, this is a weird one: A couple of people asked me to find the blue, eagle embellished jumper Binky wore when she had lunch with her mummy, and a lovely lady I once did a photo shoot with for Fabulous Magazine (co-founder of Delly + Maple and owner of the Flagship Boutique in Chalfont St Peter) said on her Facebook status that the jumper in question is one of hers – spooky, eh?

Millie loves a fur gilet and she looked super cute in the hat shop wearing a white one; you can steal the look courtesy of New Look for only £24.99 (and the floppy hat is non-negotiable if you want the full-on boho look)

New girl Lucy Watson made an impression in her first scene – and if the trailer is anything to go by she’s causing the shit to hit the fan in next week’s episode. Looks like she’s wearing this petite black and nude bodycon dress with a pretty embellished neckline by Miss Selfridge to me

Meanwhile, on the girls’ night out, Millie wore a super cute tux style blazer with a black collar – someone suggested it might be Warehouse, but it looks like a past season Zara jacket to me. If you love the style, check out Dotty P’s slick little version for £40

According to one reader, the gorgeous large skull print scarf Lucy wore on her disastrous date/drink/not-a-date-really with Jamie is from Zara (similar to this one) – if you can’t find it in-store, there’s a similar diamante skull scarf at New Look too

Finally, someone is looking for Louise’s leopard print (or is that a ponyskin print?) bag, as carried when she went back to Edinburgh – I can’t find an exact match, but Ted Baker’s camu ponyskin shopper (reduced right now @ ASOS) is pretty close

Screen grabs from 4oD

Written by Johanna Payton