Rise of the Guardians Leicester Square takeover

The boys came to meet me off the Eurostar yesterday (after my wild girls night out in Paris) and on the way home, El wanted to check out an interactive event in Leicester Square that he’d spied on Friday when he went to see Rise of the Guardians with his school (I’m telling you, his school trips are relentless). He loved the movie and was desperate to investigate the “experience”.

Must admit, it was a good call. If you have kids and you’re in the Leicester Square area, the Rise of the Guardians Magical Funland is open from 12pm-6pm daily until December 9th 2012: yeah, yeah it’s one big, fat “experiential marketing opportunity”, but it’s completely free and there’s a brilliant atmosphere.

Here’s what you can get up to…

Christmas is go – and it’s lovely to see Leicester Square being used for such a fun event

Take a ride on the giant slide – we were there on Sunday afternoon and only queued for five minutes. There’s also a little reverse bungee / trampoline-style ride to try

Say hello to the Sandman

Writing a letter to Santa

“From your old friend Eliott” – nice

Taking a wrong turn in the Easter Bunny maze

Success! If you’re taking the kids Christmas shopping in London at the weekend, I’d definitely recommend popping by
Written by Johanna Payton