Rushed photo shoots and blue trilby hats

The shoot is done for the Party Dress Test and we had sooo much fun doing it – even though it was a little bit on the hectic side…

We did the first pics at Battersea Reach, on the riverside, trying to create a “day at the office” vibe. Second lot in the Wandsworth underpass (street stylee), where the pic above was taken, and we finished up at The Gardeners pub in Southfields where I was trotting about in full, sequin-adorned party wear at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. Our hard work was then rewarded with a giant Sunday lunch (not sure models would usually fill their faces with roast beef post photo-shoot, but I ain’t no model, so it’s fine).

The full post is coming tomorrow morning, but thought I’d share a couple of pics tonight so you can see my new hat. I didn’t actually buy it for the shoot – it was an impulse purchase on the way to see Twilight, Friday night. But I think it worked perfectly for my street styling of the navy blue party dress. And yes, I admit, I have been influenced by our mate Millie Mackintosh, who has constantly worn trilbies this season – but for just £12.99 from H&M for a 100% wool hat, I thought it was worth a punt.

Plus, it’s the same colour as my turban: my collection of blue hats is going to rival the royal blue shoes, I tell thee.

I well love H&M’s trilby – will tell you about the rest of my get-up in the full post tomorrow

Poor old El got dragged out with us – but he did rock the trilby better then me
Written by Johanna Payton