Christmas Eve fashion: get your vintage out

I am so wearing vintage today – and tonight. How do I know? Because I planned my outfits a week in advance…

Christmas Eve is better than Christmas Day in my humble opinion. It’s all moody and laced with brandy and anticipation. Were I at home, I’d be going to the “Christingle” service at my local church after consuming a couple of vodkas in the local boozer. I’m not religous in the slightest, but I love the sense of community spirit (ahem). Plus you get to sing carols in that weird high voice that you only ever use for songs about Jesus (amen).

And then, whether I’m going out or staying in, I sashay around for the rest of the evening wearing something decadent and ancient. OK, honestly? I dash around wrapping last minute presents and stressing about the shops all being closed on Christmas Day. But I do wear something over-the-top, I wasn’t fibbing about that bit.

Vintage is just perfect, stirring thoughts of Christmas past – and I’m mad for the chic Sugarhill Boutique 60s-inspired cocktail dress at Rock My Vintage. Go to church in it (I probably would), shake Martinis in it (I definitely would) and wait up for Santa with some mistletoe in your mits in it (who wouldn’t?)

Images from Rock My Vintage

Written by Johanna Payton