Coming home…

All being safe and well, I’ll be back in ‘da hood this evening. I’ll get, ooh, about five minutes downtime and then I’m preparing to have my beloved buddies over tomozza for a “we’re not at Butlins this year so we’d better go crazy in my living room instead” style celebration (which may or may not involve me sneaking off for an hour to catch up on the Made in Chelsea Christmas Special).

I’ll surely dish the dirt on my time away tomorrow, but something tells me I’ll be keen to slip into some extremely comfy PJs tonight (the ones above are the Paisley Flamingos by Bedhead @ Idlewild London – a brand worn by Zooey Deschanel on New Girl and, like, totally LA cool), stick the central heating on full blast and get those lights a-twinkling on the tree.

You know what Dorothy says, “there’s no place like home”. Especially at Christmas.

Written by Johanna Payton