Olympic fancy dress party – what to wear?

Readers, we’ve had a good year haven’t we? All that Made in Chelsea fashion ( I still haven’t seen the Christmas special), yummy trends, seeing the sights together and parenting with as much style as a mum can attempt to carry off. And now, as 2012 comes to a close, I need your help to choose my final outfit of the year…

I’m off to an Olympic-themed fancy dress New Year’s Eve party. And I’m yet to decide what I’m going as: unprecedented, I know. I’ve had a couple of ideas but they’ve already been taken and after all that Sangria and unlimited buffet in Tenerife I ain’t doing a Jess Ennis in a track-ready two piece (believe me, no one wants to see my butt squeezed into skimpy Lycra bottoms and I own no six pack – unless you count the Strongbow in the kitchen).

So I’m down to the following (and before you ask, a gold medal, an Olympic Goddess and Geri Halliwell are already off the table):

1. The Queen in pink brocade a la James Bond video (not in the slightest bit sexy, but funny)
2. Victoria Pendleton (that red polo neck would do nothing for me)
3. Kate Moss in gold McQueen at the closing ceremony (can’t afford McQueen, but bet I could get a lookalike on the high street – and it’s a good excuse to go blonde for the night)

I’m (unsurprisingly, given my fashion/Moss obsession) veering towards number 3 – but if you have any lightbulb moments let me know. I’m off shopping in the morning and would love your help…

Images Getty/AFP

Written by Johanna Payton