Sophia Sassoon’s black & white chevron coat

Episode 9 of Made in Chelsea? I’m breathless. Gollie is back on! Well, it was for all of two shags. Francis is turning into a player! Louise is distraught. Lucy is going in for some Spenny action. And Binks and Jamie are mates again (huzzah!)


But most exciting of all, Sophia’s black and white chevron striped jacket. I have to find out where she got it (EDIT: it’s a vintage jacket of her mum’s that she shares with her sister – vintage just rules, right?).

I’ll suggest some style-a-likes for the rest of the episode later this week. When I’ve recovered.

Sophia shows off that extra special jacket on Twitter

Images from E4 & Twitter (@sophiasassoon)

Written by Johanna Payton