Celebrity Big Brother 2013 – is there any style?

I wasn’t going to watch. Honest. Then I heard that Rylan Clark was going into Celebrity Big Brother 2013 and decided to hell with it: for my money, he’s a comedy genius. I mean in the first “going in” launch show we’ve already had such classics as “Cathy Beale, God rest her soul”; “one goes up, one goes down, Frank”; and “can I just say – oh my God it’s Claire from Steps”. That tall, verbose man with the piercing eyes is a legend. I’m Team Rylan all the way.

Heidi Montag was the best dressed entrant in a nude sequin wrap dress – shame about the Old Man’s fatigues

And, let’s face it – the fashion is going to rock, right? Gillian Taylforth did look quite ravishing in racy red; Claire Richards from Steps wearing (very possibly) the same sequin dress on her VT as she wore on the live show? Tragedy indeed; Paula Hamilton was dressed as a dog; the one no one knows from Corrie rocked up in a kilt; Toadie currently lives as a trucker; and Spencer Pratt came as GI Joe – and no longer reminds me of the Rowntrees Foamy Gnome. Shame.

Plus, Lacey Banghard. Banghard. I just wanted to write it down so I can try to convince myself it’s real. Who needs Lindsay Lohan with a dangerous mind like that in the yard.

Yes, readers; we’ll have some fun with this series. Fo’ shizzle.

Surely H could have lent her a different frock for the live show

Screen grabs from 4oD

Written by Johanna Payton