South London snow (and snow people)

Oop North, where I come from, a decent snow shower is nothing to write home (or blog) about. Down here in the soft South, a few centimetres isn’t that common, and when there is a bout of proper wintry weather it makes a really exciting change.
So, as life as we know it has totally shut down, here’s how we’ve spent a very snowy Sunday…

The snow leopard coat was out in force again today – with my blue turban

The turban keeps me just as warm as a woolly hat but it adds a pop of colour to the winter picture
Wrapped up warm, our kid goes for a snow angel moment

Now we can share shoes, El makes the most of my bright red Hunter wellies

But the funky, faux fur trim hat is all his – it’s from H&M

Tooting Common is jam-packed with snow people – so great to see everyone out enjoying the weather

But if you really want to soak up a picture postcard atmosphere, heading out into the snow after dark is where it’s at

The snowmen keep watch

This fella must have had a large Sunday roast

Good hair

The ultimate, warming reward after all that snow fun: chicken korma at Spice Village in Tooting (served El-style)

Written by Johanna Payton