Time to shop for designer vintage watches

Disaster: I managed to mangle my posh DKNY watch strap this morning. It’s definitely fixable, but I nearly had heart failure when I did it; my mum gave me that watch and it’s the poshest watch I’ve ever worn.

If I’d gone and broken it, at least the timing wouldn’t have been too shabby. It’s my birthday in three weeks and a watch is always a safe present bet. Mind you, there’s a big difference between the costume watch I’d probably get gifted (no offence, friends and family) and a dream watch that would style-up my wrist for the rest of my days…

I’ve been checking out some of the fab vintage watches at Chrono24 – the Rolex from around 1910 (above), made with gun metal, is an absolute classic.

Modern watches can be beautiful – and timeless too – but there’s something about a genuine designer vintage piece that is so alluring. There’s so much history in there, the quality is uncompromising and you’d be hard pressed to find someone wearing the same watch. Worn with vintage dresses they complement the retro look perfectly, but perhaps the most attractive statement to make is by contrasting a really edgy, fashion forward look with an ancient watch in excellent condition. 

Chrono24 is an excellent source if you’re on the hunt for such a watch: it’s an online luxury watch marketplace (you can sell and buy there) and vintage pieces from the likes of Cartier, Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega and Patek Philippe are available to invest in.

So, if you’re in the mood for some amazing, luxury vintage watch action, feast your eyes on these…

Pink gold Rolex (circa 1920) @ Chrono24

Omega 14ct gold bracelet watch (1960s) @ Chrono24

JW Benson 9ct gold (1915) @ Chrono24

Hamilton white gold and diamond watch (1960s) @ Chrono24

Compiled in association with Chrono24

Written by Johanna Payton