Lights, camera – yellow spring fashion

You know that situation where you go into town to buy the missing piece of your outfit – the finishing touch, if you will – and then you go into the changing room and realise that it’s just not “the one”…

It happened yesterday. I found the pale blue vintage cardigan I’d been dreaming about, but when I tried it on with the ASOS spring floral print skirt and yellow tank I’d lined up for the shoot I’m doing today, it just wasn’t rocking my world. My look was originally inspired by the yellow highlights in Topshop’s groovy Unique SS13 Collection, with my own vintage-esque twist, but the mish-mash I’d come up with just didn’t cut the (ahem) mustard.

And then I saw it: a blistering tile print yellow dress with a stunning vintage look. Absolutely perfect for spring 2013. And once you’ve fallen in love with a dress like that, it demands an eye-popping print cardi or jacket to clash and fashion-flatter.

So here’s what I’ll be wearing later today (stay out sun – please!) and I’ll share some pics when the article (on key looks for SS13) is published…

Topshop, £75

Only, (approx) £48.78

Images from Topshop & Only

Written by Johanna Payton