Nashville TV series fashion & style

Y’all know how much I love country music. Hell, I line danced for long enough and holidayed in Nashville. No surprise then that one of my school mom (aka mum, but I’m in southern state mode) friends has been bugging me to watch the new TV series, Nashville, on More 4. I think it’s a safe bet, given the love of both types of music, and trashy US TV series.

But will it all be glitzy mini dresses and sky high heels? Or do you reckon the fashion will be worth writing about?

I quite like Hayden Panettiere (playing Juliette Barnes – but forever known as Claire Bear in our house) and something tells me that I’ll root for Connie Britton (the inventively named Rayna Jaymes): but will their clothes (appaza styled by a real life Nashville designer for authenticity’s sake) do it for us?

And will it be worth missing Dallas for tonight….?

Written by Johanna Payton