Spring wardrobe basics by Jigsaw

I’m really good at buying statement pieces (or I like to think I am). Not so great at essentials. I tend to buy basics with little thought and care, at bargain basement prices. I rarely try vests, t-shirts and tank tops on – no wonder I’m forever ending up with uncomfortable pieces that languish, unworn, in the bottom drawer. And these pieces could actually be working hard, particularly when I want to look effortlessly chic on the school run, or for a quick trip down the local (don’t we all?)

If you take a bit more time and care over the decision, and buy your staples as a capsule wardrobe with inter-changeable pieces, they can actually create the foundation for a smart, comfy and stylish spring wardrobe. It also makes perfect sense to shop for high quality – wool, cotton, silk and cashmere are where it’s at, and then you’ve got staples that will trascend the seasons.

But you know me and colour: even basics need a kick. Peach and green are must-haves for the spring, and some of the gorgeous women’s tops in Jigsaw’s SS13 collection (see moodboard above) are deffo doing it for me.

Just add spring statement pieces (think bright floral print jackets, neon jeans and eye-catching marble prints in multicolours) and you’ll sizzle!

Compiled in association with Jigsaw

Written by Johanna Payton