Have car, will holiday

Baby, can you drive my car?

In case you hadn’t heard (I bet you have) we’re in the midst of relocating Fashion Detective Towers. Right now, we’re waiting desperately for a completion date; and until we get one, it feels a little like our lives are on hold…

After our fabulous holiday to Tenerife at Christmas, we’d started thinking about – and even planning – an Easter break: no such luck. The slow progress of the move means that Easter will be devoted to sorting out my three (count ’em) wardrobes, packing boxes, shredding old fashion magazines and drooling over uber-stylish architect plans (much more about that to come – it’s a brilliant turn of events that beautifully proves the power of blogging).

All our money will be channelled into the new house (if things go ahead as planned – I’m not quite counting my chickens yet), so any kind of overseas break is looking unlikely for 2013. 

But that doesn’t mean we can’t take any time off, or have a decent holiday. We have a car (just about), so all we need is a full tank, some Aviva Car Insurance and a bit of imagination – and off we pop!

I’ve even managed to inspired myself destination-wise through the work I’ve been doing of late. I’ve just written this “insider’s guide” to the Peak District for The Guardian, and that is definitely an area of the country I’m dying to explore.

At hitched last month I compiled a travel feature on brilliant seaside wedding venues, and it got me all misty-eyed over Cornwall: we used to go every year when Eliott was wee, and it’s about time we hit the road and went down there again.

And then, of course, there’s the trip to LEGOLAND Windsor that has come about through the blog: and I’m wondering if we could combine that with a night or two out in the Cotswolds. It’s in the right direction and I have it in my brain that Kate Moss is a fan – I believe she has a house there and is partial to a pretty-looking hotel called The Swan in Southrop. Not only could I do my best Kate impression in there (I’m thinking wearing rock chic styles and being fabulous rather than dyeing my hair blonde and chain smoking), it would also delight my boys, who enjoy the very cute surname “Swan”. What more do I need to know?

Compiled in association with Aviva

Written by Johanna Payton