Opera di Peroni: winter season review

Last year, I started up a little love affair with the Opera thanks to a job I was doing for Peroni / The Guardian.

Opera di Peroni is back for a second season and I was lucky enough to interview the brilliant designer Camille Roman, who designed and made the costumes for the summer and winter season of this contemporary opera shindig, as part of a preview piece buidling up to the event.

And in a second lucky stroke, I got to attend Opera di Peroni’s La Rondine on behalf of The Guardian on Friday night at the uber-trendy Factory 7 in Shoreditch. As soon as my review piece is published, I’ll be sure to publish a link (sadly, that review won’t include any information on the mind-blowing Porn Star Martini I quaffed post-opera at the Hoxton Grill, but take my word for it – it ROCKED).

Written by Johanna Payton