Great Gatsby inspired shoes

Whether it’s good or rubbish (I suspect the latter, although the latest trailer – above – looks pretty fab) I’ll be going to see The Great Gatsby when it finally comes out this summer.

No reason was ever given for the flm’s delay as far as I know, but it doesn’t bode well: I’m a massive fan of the book, and the 1974 adaptation with the wonderful Mia Farrow. So the question I’m asking is – why remake it?

But I do want to find out.

The UK release date is May 16th 2013, same day as my son’s birthday (I feel a babysitter request coming on – lucky him!), and I’m dying to see if the 3D extravagazna can possibly capture the beauty and glamour and sheer heat of the original. Robert Redford Leo di Caprio ain’t, but let’s see how he gets on trying to redefine the role.

Whatever the film’s like, I bet the fashion is thrilling.

There’s going to be tons of roaring twenties-inspired pieces doing the rounds as the release date gets closer, but I’m already quite partial to the look of these sexy shoes which capture the Great Gatsby spirit…

Cherish by Jones Bootmaker, £99

Ted Baker @ Office, £200

Country Revel by Clarks, £39.99

Dolty by Moda in Pelle, £39.95

Humble by Dune (£79)

Product images as credited

Written by Johanna Payton