Made in Chelsea fashion round-up: episode 2, series 5

Episode 2 of Made in Chelsea series 5 was something of an improvement on the first – I bet by epsiode 3 we’ll be cooking on gas.

So, here’s the five second version: Binks has mugged off with Lucy; we met Josh – and got to see Proudlock’s “studio” in the process (because you need a billionaire’s pad to do t-shirt designs in); we realised that Phoebe’s bouffant is a permanent fixture (even in a hot tub) and Olivia has excellent taste in white, Western-inspired shirts (see below); Spenny threw his toys out of the pram about a ski trip (he wasn’t invited) and then wore a v v ill-advised flat cap (“he looks like a chubby baker boy” – nice one, Millie); Boulle went out drinking in his onesie (I don’t care if he was in Verbier = wrong); Binky has created Cheska’s “big hole”; Lucy showed some signs of human emotion; and Jamie dropped a “secret girlfriend” bombshell. Cripes.

And as for the fashion….

Binky made waves with her new bezzie mate (Lucy), a very sweet poncho and funky tangerine nails (looking particularly good with a turquoise ring). Barry M’s Tangerine shade @ Missguided should sort you out

And if you were into the poncho, how about this elegant, grey version for the spring – it’s by Object @ (£44.95) and would look ace with orange nails and turquoise jewellery

And Binky looked cute on the slopes wearing an adorable white and pink striped hat

The head gear in question is £20.99 by Zaini

Phoebe is a fashion assistant at Tatler, so you’d expect her to know what she’s doing wardrobe-wise: she looked great in the over sized white stole with deep red lipstick and a v cute nose ring – and Olivia’s gold ring necklace was pretty lush too, along with her Diva by MAC lipstick

It’s no time for faux fur – but wrap around this geo block print snood at Urban Outfitters (£20) to channel a bit of Phoebe-Lettice Thompson in your SS13 wardrobe

When Cheska had her showdown with Binks she was wearing an awesome sauce chunky eagle necklace – talk about your statement bling

Now I dont think Cheska had splashed out on the uber-expensive Lanvin original (hers looks more like a Topshop design to me) but you could put a twist on the idea with this mixed metal version at New Look (only £4 in the sale)


And Olivia Newman-Young went straight to the top of the MiC fashion charts wearing this gorgeous cut out white shirt when she went to meet Josh for sushi (good eye make-up too) – thanks to Olivia for letting me know that she bought the lovely top in question from Nasty Gal, sellers of new and vintage clothing

Sorry, Olivia – but I’m going to have to blatantly steal your style as the Desperado embroidered blouse (£31.70) is just too good to miss

Screen grabs from 40D. Product images as credited.

Written by Johanna Payton