And the winner is….

Very pleased to announce the winner of the ghd Candy Collection competition – the fabulous Faded SeasideMama.

And here’s her entry so you can see why she won…

“I used to have lovely shiny hair. Then I hit my teens and decided it needed to be permed. And it all went downhill from there. My naturally wavy hair turned into a poodle. I tried accessorising with wispy scarves (that made me look like a crazed bride), then tried henna until it was so ginger I got nicknamed Tango. 

I dyed it black once and it went blue. I used an entire bottle of medicated shampoo in two days to try and strip it out! Then I tried to blow dry it straight in the days before ghds. And a frizzy mess was the usual result. 

Nowadays, it’s thinning and my daughter pulls it out as a comfort thing. My ghds are on their last legs and I am almost hyperventilating each morning at being without them! I need help! (and surely the sharing of so many bad photos has to be worth something!).”

Written by Johanna Payton