Doctor Who crazy (and David Tennant/Matt Smith interview)

I’m devoting this post to El who, after turning nine on Thursday, picked up a nasty bug and spent much of Friday night/Saturday morning throwing up in the sink. Nice.

The poor kid was so hot, weak and generally crook yesterday that he missed his beloved Stagecoach session – and we had to cancel the birthday Laser Quest adventure we’d booked for today.

The new X Box 360 he bought with his birthday money certainly softened the blow. And then there was Doctor Who…

We were all glued last night – and I can’t even express how excited I am about this brilliant little interview with Matt Smith and David Tennant….

We cannot wait for the 50th anniversary special.

In the meantime, El has barely put down the Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia I bought him for his birthday (and I’m pretty into it too, to be fair).

It has every character you’d want to read about, from deeply dippy Melanie Bush (Bonnie Langford) to The Ood (I’m obsessed with The Ood – they are hive-minded humanoids, I’ll have you know).

So while we wait for the return of David Tennant *wets self in anticipation* we can read all about the goodies, the baddies and the universally “camp-ies” (yes, I’m looking at you Captain Jack).

Written by Johanna Payton