Made in Chelsea fashion round-up: series 5, epsiode 8

Soooooo, this is probs the last blog post I’ll ever do from the trusty little office I’ve populated since 2002 *weeps*

(I couldn’t make more of a meal of this house move if I tried, could I?)

Anyway, seems kinda apt that it’s a Made in Chelsea post, as writing about the show really helped to get my blog off the ground.

This week’s episode was full of delights: Spenny made a thinly-veiled attempt to convince Andy that Louise is a psycho (and then referred to Andy affectionately as “some guitar-playing twat”); Andy and Louise insisted (several times) that they are “really, really happy” whilst looking miserable as f**king sin; Victoria and Spencer reminisced about a snog they had at the age of 13 (*shudders*); Phoebe-Lettice shamelessly flirted with Jamie over his desk (!) then shamed-up Lucy at her party; Lucy said “partaaaay” out loud and “bitch fight” far too many times for it to be funny (“get out of my grill” will be back before we know it); and Spencer (aka “some lemon”) reckons that Lucy (aka the girl who scrapes up “sloppy seconds”) brings out the cool in him…newsflash Mr. Matthews – there ain’t no cool in you.

I have nothing to say about Alex-Stiff-Quiff-Monotone-Voice (if I started, I’d never stop).

But what I will say is…..Andy and Louise on skateboards. WHAT?

As for the fashion, it’s all about Louise this week…

First off, Louise met Andy for drinks wearing an exceedingly cute skull print top

At the risk of getting my wrists slapped for not doing an exact match, I like this similar, sparkly gold version from Pilot (£16.99)

Can you feel the happiness radiating out of Louise’s pores? Me neither. Nice jacket though.

Steal that Chelsea style (sans skateboard, preferably) with this structured panel blazer in burgundy from New Look (£9 – yes, £9!!)

At Lucy’s pub/house-warming Louise wore a nifty white blazer with black panels

Here’s a similar piece for £50 from River Island

Or spend slightly more (£75) on this version from Warehouse

Screen grabs from 4oD. Product images as credited.

Written by Johanna Payton