Naked Kate Moss is the new face (or should that be bum?) of St. Tropez

Is it too early in the morning for a peek at Kate Moss’ bottom? Nah. Never.

Kate has signed up as the new bum face of self tanning gurus St. Tropez and I couldn’t resist sharing these saucy and glamorous shots of La Moss with you…

It’s easy to look at these pics and suspect intense photoshopping, but if you watch the behind the scenes vid below (with more talking than I’ve heard Kate do in a long time), you’ll surely appreciate why this woman is a fashion/style/beauty legend.

With a cracking figure.

I wonder if I power walk around the common several hundred times a day and buy me some St. Tropez I can recreate this look in my new garden during the summer.

You’ll never know.

Images from St. Tropez / image.net

Written by Johanna Payton