The big move

The big move is underway. The lads from Gentleman & a Van (see what they did there?) are busy packing us up while we amble around in a transitional / slightly confused state.

We decided it was well worth the extra £££s to have the intensity and pressure of packing up all our belongings into boxes taken off our shoulders (although we’ve been sifting through drawers, cupboards & the attic for weeks in anticipation of this momentous day).

My wardrobe was emptied while I was drinking scrumpy at the pub.
I’m not going to say its stressful – just a wee bit weird. 
I’ll be glad to see my frocks again on the other side (we complete the ol’ transaction on Friday) – and even gladder when I meet up with my lovely architect friend again to talk new closets….

Written by Johanna Payton