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I LOVE a good festival – being a birrova 60s/70s nut, that’s no surprise.

Oh, to have been at Woodstock, barefoot, flowers in hair, chipping around to hippy sounds and indulging in free love…how cool would that have been?

My own festival-going past has been something of a mixed bag, from a man throwing up on my trainers in the first hour of arriving at the V Festival (I decided at that moment that I would never stay in a tent again) to pogo-ing around in front of the Foo Fighters at Leeds; from having a member of Blur fall into my lap (literally) backstage at Reading to taking El to his first ever festival at the age of three (I can see him now, singing along to Kasabian at the Vieilles Charrues festival in France. He was by far the youngest fan in the 200,000-strong crowd: what an exemplary parent I am).

That’s the great thing about a festival – you never know what you’re going to get (well, you usually get rain in this country, but let’s not dwell on that).

And what has changed massively, in the years since I first went to a festival, is the fashion…

Are you going to San Francisco?

Festival fashion didn’t used to be a big deal: everyone looked a bit crusty and incredibly casual. But over the last few years, largely due to the ever-increasing celebrity guest list at every single festival – not to mention the trends set at Coachella each year – the festival circuit has become one big catwalk.

I like it. Packing a weekend wardrobe fit for a fest is a huge challenge, but a fun one. And if you get it right, and manage to look effortlessly stylish every day at an outdoor extravaganza, millions of style points are coming your way.

The key to festival fashion is individuality – and that’s why I jumped at the chance to take part in’s DIY Festival challenge.

A bunch of bloggers, including Yours Truly, were sent a DIY kit: a garment to customise along with studs, jewels and Puffy Paints.

As I was having a small, last-moving-panic-minute Swish, I decided to rope my friends and family in with the customising. My young friends Lily (aka The Girl With The Bergundy Converse) and Chloe (aka Another Kinda Fashion Blog) got to work on the dress, ably assisted by the fabulous stylist Hannah Jean.

The girls get to work on their blank canvas

I concentrated on the styling, and thanks to brilliant Swish donations from friends I found the perfect bright print kimono and hippy-friendly accessories to give my festival look a bit of zing.

Hannah helps the boys to get creative (pink fizz is obligatory at my house)

I loved that the girls went for a full-on traditional festival vibe (in spite of their tender teenage years) with a carefully-crafted peace sign (note Ikea bowl used as stencil – we are soooo resourceful) and “peace and love” messages on the skirt.

Lily (left) and Chloe show off their exclusive Fashion Detective creation – thanks, ladies

The little jewels and studs finished off the dress with a twist of bling and the end result was a really cute and individual maxi demanding to be trotted-out at a midsummer festival.

And if all this fest-related fun has all got you in the mood for a festival adventure of your own, pop on over to the Facebook festival competition where you could win tickets for you and a friend to attend one of the UK’s most famous music festivals. Rock on.

If you win, I’ll even lend you the dress…

Colour to the max: the coloured paints the girls used on the plain black maxi made the dress cry out for a colourful contrast: step forward a fabulous floral print kimono as swished from my friend Sarah
Note loveheart jewel strategically placed…ahhhhh
Any trad-festival look should be finished off with a hairband, right?

In case you hadn’t already noticed, my hair has indeed been given a swanky little dip dye effect – deffo a look that’s festival friendly

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Written by Johanna Payton