A MAD day out at Legoland (and a MAD night in the Legoland hotel)

What. A. Weekend.

After (the superb) Man of Steel on Friday night we whizzed off to Windsor on Saturday evening to stay at the Legoland Hotel

I was expecting something special, but this place really is the bomb.

The “Adventure” room was eye-popping (genuinely themed – not just a cursory bit of Lego carpet, or whatever); we’re talking actual Lego models on the walls, Eliott’s own wing complete with TV (Lego channel included), themed bunks, a box of Lego to play with, minifigures…you name it.

And at the same time as thrilling Our Kid, it also felt like grown up luxury (how do they do that?) with comfy beds, a rainforest shower and gorgeous decor.

Paying lip service to the Lego businessman in the conference suite

The swimming pool at the hotel (with its own pirate-themed play area) was a huge hit, and the buffet restaurant is really good quality (if a bit expensive).

The Skyline bar is a real highlight too; if copious X Boxes and Lego movies aren’t enough, the kids can enjoy an outdoor play area whilst you enjoy an alcoholic beverage. Bliss.

And after a great night’s sleep, the treats really began: a family fun day in the park with the MAD Blog Awards finalists (a MAD day out if you will) that included an exclusive showing of the Lego Chima 4D movie (before the park was even open to the public) and – best of all – a golden wristband that gave us VIP access to every single ride.

We didn’t queue. For anything.

Given that we hadn’t set off yet, there is a fair amount of acting going on here

You name it we went on it: Atlantis, Laser Raiders, the Jolly Rocker, Viking’s River Splash, Pirate Falls, the Dragon’s Apprentice, the Knight’s Quest….we even got two goes on The Dragon (El’s favourite).

And El absolutely loved two of the new attractions (which don’t involve queues for anyone): the Drench Towers outdoor water play area (with slides) and the Lego Star Wars model display (seriously = brilliant).

OK, so the hotel is expensive, and the Ultimate Q-Bot passes will set you back a couple of limbs, but I would probably pay through the nose to have this experience again.

So much fun and truly magical (when El’s teacher reads his “the story of my weekend” homework he may suspect tall telling – but it’s THE TRUTH).

And here’s the proof…

The smoke-blowing-dragon-guarded hotel entrance is a blast before you even unpack your bags

Imagine being a nine-year-old Lego obsessive and having a room like this to yourself…

There’s a telly in there somewhere

We had our own Lego monkey guarding the treasure chest…

…and is that Johnny Thunder’s hat hanging up in the bathroom?

The adults get a sense of luxury too

Time for dinner: Bricks is the main restaurant with a buffet-style schtick (and it’s a really good buffet)

I’d have more culinary faith in the Lego chef if I were you

Lego chips: it had to be done

Even the Lego bar is classy

Now you know why it’s called Skyline Bar

El gets serious with the Batman minifig collection by the bar

Bless M for devoting his Father’s Day to these shennanigans

There was some joke about my “one true love” at this point

In the morning we met with the MAD posse to pick up our special finalist treats

We enjoyed the sneak peek of the conference suite

We got into the park before the gates were opened to the public (VIP-tastic!) – this is the lovely new Duplo play area

Follow the yellow brick road…

And the day kicked off proper with a special screening of the new Lego Chima 4D movie

He was suitably impressed

There’s that new Topshop jumper I was telling you about (modelled catalogue stylee, don’tcha think?)
Boat school, driving school…El did the lot

Thankfully El (or is it Spongebob?) got up close to the fishies (post the Atlantis ride) without getting wet…

…which is more than can be said for Pirate Falls

El spent an hour in the Duplo Drench Towers playground (he gives it a 10/10 five star review)

While El got drenched, M grabbed 40 winks on the astroturf (every dad deserves a Father’s Day treat)

We ended the day on a sunny note

And in a galaxy far far away….

Is it me, or is the dragon looking at us like we’re idiots? He’s probably right. Thank you MAD Blog Awards and Legoland – we LOVED every minute

With thanks to Legoland and the MAD Blog Awards 2013

Written by Johanna Payton