A vintage dressing table for a new home

I’ll readily admit it: I lost interest in my old flat a long time ago.

The problem was, whilst a gorgeous place in the perfect location (for us), we always knew it was a stop gap: an 11-year stop gap wasn’t really foreseen, but these things never are.

Anyway, after doing all the big things, like the kitchen and bathroom, I just got sick of having nowhere to put anything (the flat had a kooky layout so it was never easy to get new storage in place) and the more clothes and Lego and musical instruments that came through the door, the less I could see past the clutter and the dream of one day having a house.

And that day finally came.

I just can’t tell you how much I am loving the space, the potential, the opening of a back door (back door!) onto a garden…the novelty is going to take ages to wear off, but living in our very own house is hopefully going to inspire me in terms of interior and garden design for many years to come.

Using all the years I’ve spent focused on fashion, I’m now applying that quirky, vintage and colour-loving eye of mine to the furnishing of the house.

We won’t re-carpet and decorate until the building work is done (yikes), but I’m already working on little “mobile” elements that I can take through to the “new” house.

The first is my new dressing table: yes, a dresssing table! I haven’t had one since I was a teenager living in Bradford, and I honestly forgot just how useful and practical they are.

At my age, a workstation for hair and face is more than a little handy.

And I now have a nail polish drawer.

I’m well into vintage, as you well know, and the dresser in question came from a junk shop at the end of the street: £20.

But it’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of imagination…

Rubbed down with sandpaper, here’s the sorry state the table was in when we purchased it. Appaz, there was a mirror attached until two men had a fight on Mitcham Lane: one was thrown across the table, knocking said mirror off. Don’t you just love a piece of furniture with a story attached?

One tin of Farrow & Ball (in French Gray) later, and the old dear has perked up immeasurably

Next step – new knobs. Obviously I wanted colour and quirk, and I was longing to find a use for the red vintage melon glass knob I bought years ago for my old Ikea desk door (before said desk door fell off – ’nuff said, Sweden)

Lucky for me, the knobs are still available from Bombay Duck – I bought pink, olive and a clear one to contrast with the red and love the overall effect

Add a gorgeous free standing mirror in a matching pale grey/green shade (a present from my fabulous man) and my beloved 60s chair from Vintage Actually and you have one happy Fashion Detective

See – a nail polish drawer. My life is complete.

Written by Johanna Payton