Retro 70s lounging in the sun

I’m back online!!

After being passed from one clueless customer service advisor to another (we had every excuse from “the wrong name is on the account” to “your order was never received”), a real life engineer turned up on my doorstep this morning, armed with actual tools and everything.

He tinkered with a green box down the road, then he came back to change the socket and sang along to my Johnny Cash playlist. We talked politics and acting careers while he worked, and then, there I was, lickety split, with broadband and a landline again, all working perfectly. Nothing to do with wrong names on accounts or activated (or not) orders – just a few loose wires and a skilled pair of hands.

Advice to BT: when there is a fault, just send an engineer round, like in the old days.

It. Works.

And as if my day couldn’t get any better, M was up a ladder measuring the loft space (!) and look what he found tucked away in a cobwebbed corner. Given the sun lounger I’m expecting tomorrow, can you even imagine my glee….??

Tomorrow I might stop turning soil over and do some actual work…
Written by Johanna Payton