Purple shoes saga (and being a bad mum)

So these shoes are not nearly as delish as the purple wedges I was swooning over yesterday, but in strained circumstances (long story) they were the best I could do…

They’ve got a 70s vibe and, man, they are comfy (Hush Puppies…Hush Puppies!)

They will prolly go the same way as the table and chairs we had delivered today: after mucho excitement and feeling like a modern day Linda Barker, once they were in situ in the house, I just wasn’t sure.

It’s a sign of my mood at the moment – indecisive, negative and a bit stressed.

It’s surely just summer holiday adjustment and it won’t last. Every year is the same. I can’t wait for El to break up and for us to spend quality time together, then the minute we get out of the house I start panicking about the work I’ve got to do when I get back.

I’m sure El has still got indigestion from the fajitas I made him bolt down when our leisurely lunch turned into a panic-fest. And it’s not good that he was apologising to me for us missing the bus when I was the one who insisted on going to Sainsbury’s on a wild goose chase for a photo frame (again, long story).

I’m a s**t mum sometimes. On most days during the summer hols, in fact.

Anyway, on a brighter note, the shoes are to go with this dress – worn once before (perhaps twice) and definitely in need of another airing. And I made good on my threat to paint my nails in five pastel shades.

Yorkshire, here I come.

Image from TK Maxx

Written by Johanna Payton