Brendan Benson European tour

Tomorrow, I’ll do a big, fat fashion post.
But for now I just wanted to take a moment to worship at the altar of Brendan Benson, who played live in London last night and was absolutely fabulous…

Curly hair and beard aside, the Raconteurs co-frontman (he is so McCartney to Jack White’s Lennon) has released some amazing solo material over the last few years: if you like your singer-songwriters from Nashville with a country twist and a dollop of Beatle influence, you will love him.

I wore cowboy boots and a clingy skirt and sang along at the top of my lungs to classics like Metarie and Cold Hands, Warm Heart.
And he played two Raconteurs numbers (Hands and Steady As She Goes).
If you’re not convinced yet, this should do the trick…
Written by Johanna Payton