Should Matt Smith and Harry Styles battle the bulge?

My son is a HUGE Doctor Who fan, but that’s not why I’m posting a piccy of the outgoing time lord, Matt Smith.

He’s committing a little fashion crime, that’s why.

No, it’s not the hat.

It’s his bulge….

Men with bulky mobile phones stuffed in their jeans can ruin a perfectly stylish silhouette, y’see (and you thought I was being rude).

Matt’s not the only celeb committing the offence (do steady on before scrolling down, ladies).

Who knew we’d be complaining about Harry’s bulge?

It’s true: even the otherwise perfect Harry “One Direction” Styles has been caught with his bulging pocket on parade.

But there is a solution, and the lovely George Lamb is the celeb on a mission to promote it.

George has joined forces with O2 and Huawei to spearhead a fashion crusade to get Visible Mobile Lines (or VML) off the streets of Britain.

According to George: “Too long have we stood back and watched innocent people destroy their clothes because they didn’t have another option. This is all about teaching the public that there is another way, they do have choices, and they can save their style. Gone are the days of unsightly bulges straining against women and men’s thighs, O2 and Huawei are their saviour, and I am here to spread the message.”

And here’s George in person to tell you a bit more about why the Huawei Ascend P6 smartphone could be the answer to your VML troubles…

Compiled in association with O2/Huawei

Image credits: WENN/Splash

Written by Johanna Payton