Lady Boo opens-up her Boo to a Goose attic…

You know it’s a good Saturday when you’re worked up into a vintage frenzy before you’ve eaten lunch.

Yesterday, I had just that experience….

A few weeks back I met an amazingly stylish lady (and vintigista – yes, I have just made that up, but isn’t it lovely?) at her “Boo to a Goose” stall during the Crystal Palace festival. I relieved her of a very gorgeous 1960s pink lace dress and matching jacket.

A few Facebook messages later, I found out that Lady Boo, as she is known, usually sells selected vintage dresses, separates, accessories and crockery via appointment from her ridiculously cool south London pad (you’ll know it by the bright pink door with gold pineapple knocker).

Creating a late summer sizzler, Boo had an open day yesterday, flinging open the pink door to friends and fans of her fabulous vintage wares.

I couldn’t resist this one (although Matt is convinced I already own it): I see it as a work dress styled with little purple cardi and black tights

I have never seen a collection with so much stuff that is precisely to my taste.

And perhaps predictably, I managed to buy three dresses, one winter coat and a beautiful vintage bracelet (you’ll see more of all that soon).

I was in a tizz of retro-filled excitement. So much so that I popped my new Paris print 1970s dress (you can see a slither of it in the photo at the top of this post) straight on – in spite of unsuitable undies and footwear – and wore it to the old man’s gig in Battersea last night.

And if you fancy a vintage frenzy of your own, give Lady Boo a shout via Facebook and perhaps she’ll let you have a rummage in her attic too…

We were greeted with chocolate mousse served in kitsch sherry glasses and this fantabulous cream cake

And talk about your serious chocolate brownies

Pimms was served in vintage tea cups

If you can’t resist the crockery, just wait until you see the clothes

I think Boo may be somthing of a ‘Palace enthusiast, don’t you?

I haven’t bought this AMAZING dress yet…but don’t you think I should?

Managed to resist this one too…only because I would have blown the monthly fashion budget to smithereens if I’d bought everything I loved

Boo’s vintage jewellery is worth a rummage (and I heard a rumour that she is making her own pieces too – bring it on!)

Imagine the cocktail party you could have with these gorgeous glasses

Lady Boo has impeccable taste in vintage homewares

Not sure this neon dress would work with Lily’s bergundy Converse – but she sure looks pretty in pink…

…and she looks beautiful in sky blue too: how COOL do her pink DMs look with this floaty vintage dress?

If you ever get the chance to shop the Boo to a Goose rails – take it

Lead image from Boo to a Goose

Written by Johanna Payton